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Maryland families have asked me for over a year to run for the U.S. Senate to fight for the issues they care so deeply about. The leading issues Marylanders tell me to fight for as their U.S. Senator are to:

Stop crime being fueled by fentanyl: 

  • Crime in Maryland is being fueled by fentanyl, which is flooding Maryland communities.

  • Teens and students are being poisoned by substances they think are free from fentanyl but end up being laced. 

  • Maryland families see daily reports of fake pills being sold in their community which are laced with fentanyl and risk exposing their kids in college, high school, or even middle school to dying from this poison. 

  • We must support families by increasing funding for programs and communications activities which will educate and raise awareness of the threat illicit fentanyl represents to Maryland families.

  • We also need to strengthen penalties to drug dealers who knowingly supply fentanyl-laced pills to vulnerable, and unsuspecting youth, teens, and students.  Maryland had over 2,000 deaths from opioid-fentanyl in each of the last three (3) years. 

I am your trusted fighter to move policies in Congress which will support Maryland families in safeguarding their health and that of our children.  

We need to invest wisely in behavioral health, mental health, and treatment programs. 

But here is the difference in my approach and the failed approach of those competing against me: They continue to throw money at the problem without knowing where or why the money is not delivering results! This is the change in NEW leadership I offer to you. This is why I ask your vote in early Primary voting day on May 2nd, 2024.

To champion pro-growth economic policies:

The economy is a second priority issue. Maryland families have asked me to champion for them as their U.S. Senator.  At an early age my parents instilled in me an indomitable spirit for public service to my community.  U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) also served as a mentor to me in my formative years in mastering policy and service.  

As the only candidate who started a business to serve Marylanders, I know the challenges and pocketbook issues my fellow Marylanders face each day.

  • Rob is supporting Maryland families with a pro-growth economic policy platform.  

  • Rob knows the challenges Maryland families face because Rob started his own business to support others. 

  • Inflation continues to hit Maryland families hard at the grocery store.  I know, because, like you, I shop at Giant, Safeway, and Harris Teeter stores for my family. 

  • When I drive my kids to sport and school events, I listen to my friends and fellow parents who tell me the Maryland economy needs my energy.

I am the candidate who mirrors your life as a working parent here in Maryland.  I've fought for you over the past two years and I will fight for you in the next six years as your U.S. Senator.  We need NEW, younger leadership which reflects and understands the majority of Maryland's highest priorities. I am your candidate, and this is our campaign. Please vote for me on May 2nd in early primary voting. 

Use a Common Sense Approach to The Real Estate Crisis: 

The CREATE ACT:I’ll introduce legislation on day one as Maryland's new U.S. Senator: The CREATE ACT

I’m taking action to get ahead of the commercial real estate crisis with $929 billion in commercial real estate loans set to come due and the owners of these assets at risk of foreclosure.  

  • The affordable housing challenges Marylanders face can be alleviated through Congress enacting this bill: The Consolidated Real Estate Asset Transformation Equity Act ("CREATE Act).  

  • I am now inviting the stakeholders from Maryland's affordable housing organizations,  the American Bankers Association, and the Real Estate Roundtable to all come together to find common ground and agreement in crafting specific incentives and mechanisms which will offer individuals and families in Maryland, and throughout the U.S., the opportunity to live in refurbished and newly renovated residential living properties which were formerly commercial real estate holdings.

  • The Federal Reserve is unlikely to reduce rates, compounding the challenges regional and community banks remain, according to the Federal reserve Chairman, at highest risk.

This CREATE ACT will solve two core challenges

  1.  Incentivize building owners to secure tax relief for their devalued commercial real estate assets 

  2. Allow qualified individuals and families the ability to thrive and contribute to growing communities which became vacant during the Covid pandemic.

I know Maryland voters want a NEW GENERATION of leadership in the U.S. Senate and I’m the youngest leading candidate with bold vitality and energy, and will not stop fighting for you. This is YOUR campaign, our campaign for Maryland.

Please vote for me on May 2nd in early primary voting.

Committee to Elect Rob Houton
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